Jennifer Johannesen, MSc Bioethics

As a consultant to government, healthcare and academic institutions, I support administrators, clinicians, researchers and project teams to improve patient services and communications, interprofessional dialogue and education, and stakeholder engagement.

As a healthcare educator and critic, I advocate for critical thinking and healthcare reform in a variety of educational and public forums, through academic lectures, conference presentations, keynote speeches, contributions to books, newsletters and magazines, participation in public consultation events, and appearances on radio and television.

As a parent to a child with multiple severe disabilities, I write and speak to audiences consisting of healthcare administrators and policy-makers, clinicians and allied health workers, parent groups and patient advocates. My book, No Ordinary Boy, has become a widely-referenced teaching text for medical students and healthcare practitioners.

Critical approach to bioethics

I write and lecture extensively on bioethical issues in healthcare, primarily from a critical perspective. Topics of interest include critique of patient- and family-centred care, notions of autonomy and consent, and issues in physician-assisted suicide practice and implementation.

I hold an MSc in Bioethics and Health Policy from Union Graduate College and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City (2016).

I am an experienced web and content strategy consultant, developing websites since 1995. Find out more about my web services here.